Abismo Anhumas Abismo Anhumas

This magnificent cave is one of the most beautiful in the country. It provides a unique experience.

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Those who travel around Brazil are constantly surprised by its natural beauty - true paradises hidden in the Earth - or in the middle of the country, where Anhumas Abyss is, in the city of Bonito.

The departure of this remarkable adventure is in a crack in the ground where the landscape is so stunning. Rappelling 72 meters down into the cave is the entrance of the Anhumas Abyss. There is a mandatory drill one day before the tour.

The great crater looms under your feet until you reach the base of the cave; you can find a blue and greenish lake, stroked by bundles of light from above.

For better contemplation of this scenery full of immense and beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, you can take a boat trip and fluctuate by the lake. If you have diver certification, it is recommended to diving cylinder up to 18 meters

The tour is guided by certified monitors and safe equipment.

Key information and tips

Book your tour in advance.

It is necessary have diver certification to dive.

Bring lot of water and light snacks.

Rappelling drill is mandatory.

Opening hours:
Departure times are scheduled directly with the tour operator. About the rappelling drill is held in the night before the tour.

Prices vary according to the hired company.

Duration of the Visit
1 day
+55 (67) 3255-3313
More Info
Bonito Tourism Office
Official website


Centro de Treinamento na Rua General Osório, 681, Centro – Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

Several tour operators in Bonito offer packages with transfer to the Anhumas Abyss.

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