Burgalhau Beach Burgalhau Beach

With firm, flat sands and coral reefs, the Beach is next to Rio dos Paus, which houses a beautiful mangrove forest.

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About 4 km from Maragogi, in the State of Alagoas, is Burgalhau Beach, with fine, white sands, coral reefs and natural pools. Burgalhau is one of the quieter beaches of Maragogi and has a similar landscape to the other beaches in the region. On the location, buggy rides on its extensive sand strip are offered.

With a clear blue sea, calm and with few waves, the beach is ideal for water sports such as jet-skiing. Besides the palm trees and reefs seen at low tide, near it is Rio dos Paus, where an extensive mangrove forest may be found.

The beach has tourist infrastructure consisting of a few inns, restaurants and stalls with tents and hammocks for a well-deserved rest. If you do not wish to make use of the establishments on the sea shore, it is recommended that you bring chairs and umbrellas to relax and enjoy the view.

Key information and tips

During the day, wear sunscreen.

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4 km from Maragogi, Alagoas

Van services can be hired from Maragogi to Burgalhau Beach.

You may rent a car to go to Maragogi and from there, to Burgalhau Beach. Refer to the route.

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