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Canoa Quebrada Beach Canoa Quebrada Beach

Beautiful cliffs, white dunes and fishing rafts are the hallmarks of this beautiful beach of the state of Ceará.

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The Canoa Quebrada Beach is located in the municipality of Aracati, about 150 km away from Fortaleza . Situated in a small bay at the base of cliffs, with colored sands, Canoa (as it is called by the locals) was discovered for tourism in the 1970s. The first visitors found virgin nature and simple living hospitable people.Although primarily a fishing village, in spite its transformation into a tourist location, Canoa has not lost its charm, and even today the natives preserve the tradition of fishing with rafts in the sea. In the tents, the main dishes are lobster, fish, stingray, and shrimp. At night, you can try several local delicacies cooked by European chefs who live in the region.

Near the beach, behind the cliffs, the white dunes offer a strong sense of adventure with their buggy rides. The vegetation – Carnauba palms (the tree symbolic of Ceará) and coconut palms – complement the incredible landscape. The moon and a star carved into the cliffs give a special charm to the place.

Key information and tips

The beach is 150 km away from Fortaleza, with access by the CE-040 and BR-304 highways.

Don’t forget sunscreen, in addition to a hat and sunglasses

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Tourism in Ceará
Aracati City Hall


Aracati, Ceará

The most comfortable way to get to Canoa Quebrada Beach is by taking a taxi. Calculate the fare leaving from Fortaleza and refer to which companies provide this type of service.

You can rent a car for touring around Canoa Quebrada Beach and the local area. This map can help you.

From Aracati, buses depart for Canoa Quebrada Beach. Arriving at Aracati, a minibus takes you to Canoa Quebrada Village, near the beach. See how to get there.

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