Convent of Santo Antônio do Paraguaçu Convent of Santo Antônio do Paraguaçu

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The convent of Santo Antônio do Paraguaçu is situated 22 km from Maragogipe, in Bahia. Founded in the second half of the 17th century, it was the first nunnery built in Brazil after the country gained its religious independence from Portugal. The Convent is located in the city of Cachoeira, designated by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute IPHAN) in 1971 and considered a national monument.

The Church of Santo Antônio do Paraguaçu, which sits next to the Convent, was built between 1660 and 1686, and many slaves brought from Africa worked in its construction. A prison for the slaves was created inside the Convent, and many of them died from drowning when the tide rose, as they were chained.

When the Empire prohibited the admission of novices, the complex formed by the Convent and church was donated to the Archdiocese of Bahia. Together, the two comprise a built area of almost 4000 square meters and today receive visitors who come both to admire the construction and learn more about its history.

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1 hour
+55 (75) 99933-3904
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City Government of Cachoeira


Vila de São Francisco do Paraguaçu, Cachoeira, BA

You can get a tour through the Paraguaçu River, navigable from its mouth up to the waterfall, with stretches of gorgeous landscapes, especially the Lagamar do Iguape. Transportation is arranged by local agencies.

The Convent is located in the village of São Francisco do Paraguaçu, in Cachoeira, 107 km from Salvador and 45 km from Maragogipe. You can also rent a car to get there. Check the routes to Cachoeira departing from Salvador and from Maragogipe.

Daily depart to Maragogipe from Salvador Bus Station, Companhia Cachoeira [bus company]. Check the bus lines. Salvador Bus Station Av. Antônio Carlos Magalhães, 4.362 – Pituba +55 (71) 3616-8357 +55 (71) 3616-8358

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