Estrada da Graciosa (Graciosa Road) Estrada da Graciosa (Graciosa Road)

Here is your destination. This beautiful road crosses the Atlantic Forest and reveals gorgeous landscapes.

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Graciosa Road, known as PR-410 Road, connects the city of Curitiba to the cities of Morretes and Antonina. It crosses a preserved area from the Atlantic Forest, listed as Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The road is 37 km from Curitiba. It is easy to find the road due to its beautiful entrance gate through this small piece of paradise. The 1,050 m altitude descent of the Serra do Mar, the sinous curves and its pavement (sometimes stones, sometimes asphalt) are an invitation to slow down and enjoy the flowering slopes, peaks, Rivers, waterfalls, animals, among other beauties.

Along the road, there are 6 lookout points, kiosks where sell local products and barbecue grills. The road ends in São João da Graciosa, where you can stay in cozy lodges, go for a tour or come back another time.

Key information and tips

Try to arrive before 9am to use the barbecue grill and bring yours grilles and supplies.

Curitiba Tourism Phone: +55 (41) 3350-6456

Avoid visiting Graciosa Road during the rainfall and fog (between December to March).

Bring insect repellent and toilet paper.

There are a lot of curves. Drive carefully.

Opening hours:
Daily - 24 hour Booking: Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm. Saturday: 8am - 12pm.

Free admission

Duration of the Visit
It depends on the selected transport, speed and stops along the road.
More Info
Curitiba Tourism
Paraná Tourism Office
Official website


PR-410 Road , Paraná.

There are companies that offer tours in Graciosa Road by train, van (city tour included) and bike & train routes. Graciosa downhill bike is famous among Brazilians cyclists.

You can rent a car in Curitiba and drive to Morretes by Graciosa Road. This map may help you.
Attention to GPS because there is a street named Graciosa in Curitiba. Try to get out early when there is less traffic.

You can go to the mountains by train (Rail Tour Curitiba-Morretes) and return by bus on the Graciosa Road. Morretes Bus Station is close to the Railway Station.

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