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Galés Galés

A chance to dive in the natural pools of Maragogi, a real natural aquarium with crystal clear waters.

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The Galés are the natural pools formed by coral reefs on the coast of Maragogi, about 124 km from Maceió, capital of Alagoas. The attraction forms an immense natural aquarium located 6 km from the coast and stands out for its fascinating beauty. It is an invitation for those seeking to dive in crystal clear waters and see colorful fish, corals and small marine animals.

In order to preserve the coral reefs of the Galés, a limit of visitors per day in the area was stipulated. Thus, other two areas with corals were opened to visitation: the natural pools of Barra Grande and Taocas, nearby and a bit smaller, but just as beautiful as the Galés.

On the location, paid services are offered at the vessels, such as a mask for snorkeling, underwater photos and diving with instructors - excellent choice for those who want to dive while accompanied.

The days and times of the tour vary according to the tides table.

Key information and tips

Bars on rafts offer photography and underwater filming services.

The temperature during the day can reach 40°C.

Use a hat and sunscreen.

Use safety equipment when diving.


Vary according to contractor.

Duration of the Visit
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Avenida Senador Rui Palmeira – Maragogi, Alagoas (Avenida principal de Maragogi)

To reach the Galés you need to ride a boat or catamaran.

There are regular transport services (transfers) offered by companies in Maragogi which go to the sand strips which lead to the Galés.

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