Japaratinga Beach Japaratinga Beach

A former fishing village, the beach stands out for its reefs, palm trees, mangroves and mineral water fountains.

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About 10 km from Maragogi, in Alagoas, is the beach of Japaratinga, with warm and calm waters, and formed by a landscape of palm trees, coral reefs and natural pools. On the beach there is a small village where the Nossa Senhora das Candeias Mother Church is, built by the Dutch more than 300 years ago, as well as bars and restaurants.

The municipality of Japaratinga has 15 km of beaches, such as Barreiras do Boqueirão, with freshwater springs, and Bitingui, which offers raft tours to the natural pools. Although rustic, the place has good tourist infrastructure with hotels facing the sea.

One of the attractions is to navigate the Manguaba river, that separates Japaratinga from Porto de Pedras, on a raft, which provides a beautiful tour amidst the mangroves.

Key information and tips

A delightful place for those who want tranquility.

Wear sunscreen.

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Tourism in Japaratinga


10 km from Maragogi, Alagoas

Companies offer transfer services and vans that depart from Maragogi and go to Japaratinga beach.

You may rent a car to go to Maragogi and from there, to Japaratinga beach. Refer to the route.

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