Lagamar do Cauípe Lagamar do Cauípe

Environmental protection area created with the objective of protecting the biodiversity of the location.

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Lagamar do Cauípe is an environmental protection area in the municipality of Caucaia, more precisely in Praia do Cumbuco, in the State of Ceará. The location has rich biodiversity and was created to protect the sources of the rivers and the species of fauna and flora of the region.

There you can see the meeting of the waters of the Cauípe river with the sea and the beauty of the dunes surrounded by the coconut trees. Take a walk and admire the splendid view.

The tour is made amidst various species of animals. Among the birds, the red-cowled cardinal, doves and owls stand out. Among the species that live in the water, the ones which stand out are the freshwater shrimps and fish such as curimatã, piaba lambari and traíra. Also, don't be surprised if you come across chameleons or frogs, or other small animals.

The wind is characteristic of the place. This is why Lagamar is famous among the enthusiasts of sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Key information and tips

Use roupas claras, protetor solar e boné ou chapéu.

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Estrada Garrote, 3614, Praia do Cumbuco – Caucaia, Ceará

Visitors may rent a car for touring in Lagamar.

A comfortable way of going to Lagamar of Cauípe is by taxi.

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