Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon) Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon)

This stunning lagoon has lots of adventure such as fluctuation and diving into its blue waters.

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Located in the city of Jardim, about 52 km from the city Bonito, the Lagoa Misteriosa is at the bottom of a sinkhole, a type of geological formation, similar to a deep hole. It is the seventh deepest cave in Brazil by the Brazilian Society of Speleology and it has more than 220 meters depth.

The landscape is formed by a vertical rock walls, a fallen trunk and small fishes shine under the light beam, reflecting in the transparent water which makes the lagoon into a unique environment.

The tour begins with a trail to the lookout point of the lagoon where you can fluctuate or dive. The hiking follows to the Prata River riparian forest where you can enjoy a river bath on the crystalline water and a beautiful spring view. Boat trips are also available.

Lagoa Misteriosa is open between May to September. Between October to April, surface algae are formed up to 15 meters depth, accessible one to professional divers.

Key information and tips

Plan your trip to Lagoa Misteriosa between May to September.

Jardim City Hall: +55 (67) 3209-2500

Please check with the local tour operators about diving equipment rental.

Opening hours:
Daily from 7am to 2pm (between May to September) Between October to April, only tours for professional divers - Dive Master Category.

Fluctuation tour: R$140.00

Diving baptism up to 8 meters: R$332.00 (diving certification is not necessary)

Tickets must be purchased with local tour operators.

Duration of the Visit
About 3 to 4 hours
More Info
Official website


The city of Jardim is about 53 km from the city Bonito, state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

You can hire a local travel agency to get you to the lagoon.

The best way to go to Lagoa Misteriosa is by taxi. Please check fares and look for a service provider.

You can rent a car in the city of Bonito to go to Lagoa Misteriosa. Please check the route.

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