Rio de Janeiro

Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR) Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR)

The Museu de Arte do Rio is a mandatory visit. The Museum offers a transversal reading of this wonderful city.

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The Museum mingles past, present and future of Rio de Janeiro. It tells the history in a transversal way, mixing its conflicts, contradictions, challenges and expectations.

This approach is clear as soon as you enter the site, where there are two buildings: one is the Palace Dom João VI, a heritage listed building where the exhibition hall is; and the other is a modern building where the Escola do Olhar develops educational programs for public education. Both buildings are interconnected by a pedestrian bridge linking the old with the new both symbolically and physically.

The Museum is on Mauá Square, recently revitalized and transformed into one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Rio. Right in front of the Museum, is the Museum of Tomorrow.

Key information and tips

Enjoy the view of Guanabara Bay and Niterói.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am – 5pm.

BRL 20 (standard) and BRL 10 (discounted). On Tuesdays, the entrance is free of charge.

On other days, the admission is free for:

Pubic high school and elementary school students

Children aged up to 5 years old

Individuals over 60 years old

Teachers from public institutions

Museums’ staff

Groups in situations of social vulnerability participating in educational visits

MAR neighbors

Tourist guides

In all cases, it is necessary to present proofing documentation.

Single ticket for the Museum of Tomorrow and Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro: BRL 32 (standard) and BRL 16 (discounted)

Discounted ticket price for: individuals aged up to 21 years old, students of private schools, and universities; individuals with disabilities; government employees of Rio de Janeiro city, inhabitants and individuals born in Rio de Janeiro; individuals bearing a Youth Identity card.

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Duration of the Visit
2 hous.
+55 (21) 3031-2741
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Praça Mauá, 5, Centro - Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

You can get to the Museum by taxi.

There is a Light Rail Transit stop in the Square where the Museum is. It connects with the subway at Cinelândia and Carioca stations.

You can get to the museum by bicycle. At Mauá Square there is a bicycle parking with 120 spots and also a Bike Rio stand that works with a bike sharing system.

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