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Pajuçara Beach Pajuçara Beach

Floating bars and natural pools with colorful fish are the main attractions of this beautiful beach of Maceió.

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One of the busiest of the sea cost of Maceió, the Pajuçara Beach has as main attraction the raft ride to the natural pools that are formed at low tide between sandbanks and reefs, 2 km away from the coast. The crossing lasts on average 15 minutes and the pools are so shallow that you can see several species of fish with the naked eye.

On weekends, Pajuçara has floating bars that serve drinks and snacks at the rafts. On Sundays, the Beira Mar Avenue is closed, enabling activities such as cycling, walking, and racing.

At the border of the bay, also known as Praia dos Sete Coqueiros, you can shop at the craft fair, in addition to enjoying the varied offer of bars and restaurants.

Maceió is a city where cooking seafood is a tradition. Among the gastronomic specialties of Pajuçara, the highlight is the sururu de capote, a dish with shellfish cooked in coconut milk, tomato, parsley, and other spices. You should try it!

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To buy crafts, a good option is the Feirinha da Pajuçara (Pajuçara Fair).

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The most comfortable way of getting around the town is by taxi. Calculate the fare and refer to which companies provide this type of service.

You can rent a car and go to Pajuçara Beach.

The Pajuçara Beach is located 3.5 km away from the city center. Municipal buses have lines that arrive there.