Paraty Bay Paraty Bay

The Bay formed by about 65 Islands suitable for boat rides and diving.

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Made up of dozens of islands and beaches, Paraty Bay is about 180 Km long, with a rugged coastline and a calm sea, with no major swells. This makes very easy for boat rides.

The landscape around the Bay is amazing and well diversified: in the South, you can see the mountains of the Serra do Mar, covered by the Atlantic forest, medium and large trees and numerous animal and plant species. The mountains end straight into the sea. In the northern part, the prevailing relief is a large plain that separating the sea from the mountains.

The best way to explore all these beauties of nature is by boat. One option is to buy a schooner ride (most affordable option), and the other is to rent your own boat. In both cases, the point of departure is the port of Paraty. During the schooner ride, there are stopovers at some beaches and islands so that you can get off the boat and cool off.

The Bay of Paraty is part of Costa Verde, voted one of the most beautiful regions of the planet by Lonely Planet.

Opening hours:
Open 24/7.

Vary according to the travel agency hired.

Duration of the Visit
4 hours.
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Paraty Bay


Paraty, RJ

To reach the Bay of Paraty, you must take a schooner. Each tour has a different duration, itinerary and price. Check out the options.

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