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Ponta Negra Beach Ponta Negra Beach

The hospitality of the city of Natal is reflected in the beautiful beach, filled with stalls in the sand and a cheerful nightlife.

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At 14 km away from the center of Natal, Ponta Negra Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Northeast region. Its name [black tip] comes from the dark rocks that surround it. The coastal strip has an extension of around 4 km and is pretty busy, both day and night. The beach has an excellent touristic infrastructure and gathers a great number of stalls, restaurants, inns, and stores.

Next to Via Costeira, the Beach is mostly empty and the sea is calmer, attracting families. Here, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a good call. In the right corner, it attracts more people. In this corner you can find Morro do Careca, a 120-meters tall dune that is a very well-known landscape of Natal. At night, many people go to the bars in Alto da Ponta Negra to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

In the restaurants, shrimp is one of the most popular delicacies, but other delicious food are also served, such as baião de dois (rice and beans, jerked beef and cheese) and carne de sol (salted meat left in a covered place to dry – a local kind of jerked beef).

Key information and tips

Ride in a buggy to the near-by dunes.

The hotels by the Beach offer free wifi to their guests.

Tourist Police Station: +55 (84) 3232-7404

Due to the high temperatures, the use of sun block is recommended.

At night, avoid walking alone in the Beach.

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Natal, Rio Grande do Norte

The most comfortable way to get to Ponta Negra is by taxi. Calculate the fare and refer to the companies that provide this type of service.

Visitors may rent a car for touring around Ponta Negra. Check the route from the city center to there.

The buses do not transit by the sea coast of Ponta Negra, but lines 46, 54, 83 and 66 pass by Roberto Freire Avenue, which is close to the Beach. This app can help you choose your itinerary.