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São Miguel dos Milagres

Praia do Patacho Praia do Patacho

Natural pools, lots of quiet during the night, privileged moonlight.

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Praia do Patacho is almost deserted and perfect for days of tranquility. There are almost no man-made structures that interfere with the scenery of the Beach, which is filled with coconut trees along the blue sea.

Located in the municipality of Porto de Pedras, the beach is about 10 km from São Miguel dos Milagres, state of Alagoas.

The Moon usually appears on the horizon in its full or new stages, and you can lie on the sand to watch it rise from the sea. Take the chance for cooling off, without worries, in the calm and shallow sea. At low tide, the sea dries and forms several natural pools, favoring the practice of snorkeling.

Key information and tips

During the day, wear sunscreen.

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10 km from São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

You can get in touch with travel agencies in the town to get to Praia do Patacho and to go on other tours around the region.

Some inns provide bikes for guests.

You can rent a car in São Miguel dos Milagres or Maragogi and go to Praia do Patacho.

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