Senhor do Bonfim Church Senhor do Bonfim Church

Bahia’s greatest symbol of the amalgamation between the Candomblé and Catholic religions.

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The Senhor do Bonfim Church started being built in Salvador in 1754 and was only completed nearly 20 years later. Featuring a Portuguese colonial architecture, with two bell towers on each side, the Church stands out for its size and its special positioning in Sagrada Colina [Sacred Hill].

It is one of Salvador’s most traditional churches and one of the greatest symbols of the local religious syncretism. Known by the Catholics’ faith in the city’s patron saint, the Church also represents elements of Candomblé, where the Saint joins Oxalá, the father of all orixás.

Such religious fusion is also seen during the Lavagem do Bonfim, a ritual held in January during which Bahia women walk to the Church to the sound of African chants to wash its steps with scented water.
Considered to be lucky charms, the Senhor do Bonfim ribbons are a Salvador tradition. The ribbon must be tied to the wrist or the leg in three knots (each knot represents a wish). When the ribbon breaks, all wishes will be granted.

Key information and tips

Bahia Tourist Hotline: +55 (71) 3103-3103

Opening hours:
Daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Free admission.

Duration of the Visit
1 hour.
+55 (71) 3316-2196 / +55 (71) 3312-4512
More Info
Senhor do Bonfim Sanctuary Basilica


Praça Sr. do Bonfim, s/n – Bonfim – Salvador – Bahia

The easiest way of getting around town is by taxi. Check out available taxi companies and rates in town.

Check out the bus itineraries passing through the Bonfim district. You can also use the double-decker tour bus to get to the Church.

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