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Tijuípe Waterfall Tijuípe Waterfall

Very close to Itacaré, the site allows a day of rest and peace in the midst of nature.

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The Tijuípe waterfall is located at Fazenda do Carioca, 26 km from Itacaré, in the Cocoa Coast. It’s only 4 meters of fall, so it causes great surprise when you see its 15 m in width for the first time. Its horizontal extension allows the formation of incredible wells, rapids and even natural pools suitable for bathing. You can also kayak at the top of the Waterfall.

Another highlight is the location. Tijuípe sits amidst the Atlantic forest, one of the most beautiful Brazilian biomes, and allow you to contemplate unforgettable scenery. Many trees and flowers on the arrival trail and a small wooden bridge over the river make the tour even more enjoyable.

Small trails can be followed in the middle of the falls, as there is a rope across the waterfall to ensure safe diving. The rope also helps if you want to take the opportunity to massage your back with running water.

The site has parking lot and restaurant, for your convenience.

Key information and tips

Take your family to kayaking.

Sunscreens and buoys for children are crucial.

Opening hours:
Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:30 am to 5:00 p.m

R$ 15,00

Duration of the Visit
2 to 3 hours
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Tijuípe Waterfall
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Rodovia BA-001, km 46, between Itacaré and Serra Grande, Bahia

You can take a taxi in Itacaré to go to the waterfall. Check out the taxi companies in the city.

Leaving Itacaré, take the BA-001 highway towards Ilhéus. The Tijuípe Waterfall is located 26 km from Itacaré, at around Km 46. See the map of the South coast of Bahia.