10 items you must include in your beach bag

Everything favorable for an amazing day on a beautiful Brazilian beach? So enjoy these tips and do not make mistakes during the trip.

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The sky and the sea get blended because of their blue; the Sun is brighter than ever; coconut water is already freezing at your preferred kiosk; friends are already extending the towels on the sand and the cool breeze is calling you out of the house. It's beach day! And in order to prevent concerns besides chosing snacks for this beautiful day, we list some objects that every traveler should remember to bring in your beach bag, in addition to the good mood, motivation and, of course, lots of joy.

Sun and facial screen

The Sun of Brazil can be stronger than you think, so best beware! Skin protected, calm for the whole day. Besides preventing burns caused by ultraviolet rays, it also protects you from the development of diseases such as the skin cancer. Choose the one which suits you best and always carry it with you - and on the body - during the whole day.


Besides turning the look into something much more charming, it protects the face from the Sun and has several sizes and colors, for every taste. Remember that you may not be accustomed to the heat of Brazil.


Clarity on Brazilian beaches is very strong. So also take sunglasses. In addition to being able to vary according to your clothes, it's an accessory that protects your eyes from the rays of the Sun, it's easy and lightweight to carry in purses, and it’s always close to you.

Documents and money

During a wander in the beach, documents and money should always be at hand. In order to avoid hassles, it's important to leave them stored in a small and discreet purse. Keep it always in sight and avoid exaggerations, that is, take only the amount of money needed for the day.


Because happy days with friends and family deserve to be recorded!


Sand castles, ball games, and lots of fun. If comrades are kids, don't forget to bring toys to entertain the little ones.

Beach sarongs

Colors have everything to do with the Brazilian summer. So abuse of them and prints for the beach sarongs. After a refreshing swim, they can be very useful if you want to wander along the edge or even go to a restaurant. They are also useful to protect your skin from the sand.
Slippers and sandals

Nothing better than comfortably spending the day, isn't it? Therefore, slippers and sandals are indispensable items when it comes to beach. So, you can make the most of the beach without hurting your feet.

Light clothes

Brazilian hot days require fresh and light clothes. Over your bathing suit, don't forget the tops, light shorts, loose skirts, tank tops and cotton dresses – the natural fabrics do not keep the sweat, enabling your skin to breathe.