12 shopping centers for you to return home with full suitcases

Large and charming shopping centers for those who know that a trip without excess luggage is no real trip.

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Brasil has idyllic beaches, contagious songs, inspiring landscapes and ... stores! Many shops inspired by its history, in its people, in the mixture of colors, fabrics and the joy of Brazilians. Prepare your arms because you will have many places to go to and, of course, many bags to carry!

Belo Horizonte

Art and Craft fair in BH: The Feira Hippie, as the arts and crafts fair of BH is popularly known, is held every Sunday in the State capital for over 43 years. The fair currently has about 2500 exhibitors selling a variety of goods.

Flower Fair: In any period of the year, whether for shopping or not, the Flower Fair in Belo Horizonte is guarantee of a pleasant and quiet tour. There are numerous colors, perfumes and 60 species of flowers and other plants ranging from giant ferns to miniature trees, besides orchids, lilies of the field, daisies, violets, foliage and seedlings.

Savassi: A neighborhood full of cafes, restaurants, bars and many, many stores. They range from numerous shops refined with lots of sequins, glitter and long dresses to various thrift stores that offer polka dots, stripes, pullovers, button shirts, high-waist pants, lace dresses that resemble the 1970s fashion. A tour for great distraction and shopping sprees.

São Paulo

Shopping malls: São Paulo is the capital of shopping malls in Latin America. There are more than 50 in the city, suitable to all styles. With numerous shops for all tastes and styles, a variety of restaurants and coffee shops offering delicious snacks to rest after a full day of sightseeing and shopping.

Famous streets: One of the most charming shopping addresses of São Paulo is the Oscar Freire Street. It holds the title of eighth most luxurious Street in the world. It extends over 900 meters with more than 200 exclusive stores of domestic and imported brands. Another famous street is 25 de Março, the largest open air shopping conglomerate in Latin America, with over 3000 stores. The entire region around is dedicated to the sale of jewelry, toys, decorative items and other home accessories.

Fairs: For those who prefer antique fairs, Sao Paulo has good options, as the one held every Sunday at Masp’s clear span. The busy Vila Madalena also houses the traditional handicraft market in Benedito Calixto square. The fair is visited by a diverse crowd and offers items such as vinyl records (LPs), vintage objects and high-end decoration items.


Athos Bulcão Foundation: If you are looking for shopping Brasilia style, nothing better than the Athos Bulcão Foundation, owned by a great painter, sculptor, designer and artist. There you feel part of the city’s history with several cute souvenirs to take home, like mugs, bags and t-shirts with stamps of the artist’s signature tiles.

Feira do Guará: Famous for the clothes and the wide variety of gastronomic regional products, Feira do Guará is a must-see fair for you, dear traveler. There are more than 500 stalls, and the highlight is the stalls specialized in the northeast regional cuisine, in addition to the famous – and delicious – fried turnover made on the spot.

Imports Fair: Whatever you are looking for, you will find. There are more than 2000 boxes selling electronics, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, food, home supplies, sporting goods and everything you can imagine.

Antique fair: With an eclectic audience that grows each year, the Antique Fair in Brasilia is a tradition. You'll find decorating pieces, handicrafts, paintings, silver jewelry and even products for collectors.