4 parks to skateboard in the main capitals of Brasil

The renowned Brazilian passion for skateboarding makes you easily find places to step up the shape and get rid of boredom

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Sandro Dias "Mineirinho", Bob Burnquist, Lincoln Ueda, Leticia Bufoni. What do these personalities have in common? Don't you know? They are Brazilian skateboarders known worldwide. They have worn out their wheels in skate parks around the country. Below you can find some of these parks, all located in major Brazilian capital cities:


In the city of São Paulo, California has its own terrain. The capital of São Paulo imported from the north-American state the conceptual experience dating back to the 1970s and combines surfing, skateboarding and swimming pool (that's right). The result is Cave Pool: a bowl with two depths and quick transitions because of the coping blocks ("edges" of the pool where skaters do their maneuvers). To enjoy it, you must head to the District of Butantã, at avenida Eliseu de Almeida.


The Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, in Rio de Janeiro, has a skateboarding bowl. It is located at Avenida Borges de Medeiros. The structure is not so deep, which allows skaters to get in and out with flying colors. It is also common to see bikes on the bowl of the Lagoon.


The two new tracks recently built in the Mangabeiras Park, in Belo Horizonte, is within the international standards. Designed in the form of half-pipe, in order to host major competitions, it encompasses an area of 290 square meters and 4m in height. Access requires registration with the administration of the Mangabeiras.


It is common to see skaters gathered in the concrete expanse in the heart of Brasilia. Next to the Biblioteca Nacional de Brasília Leonel de Moura Brizola [National Library of Brasília], the National Museum offers an extensive area with few obstacles. Another popular location is the South Banking Sector. Both are situated very close to the bus station, in the central region of the federal capital.