5 head first dives into the beauties of the Brazilian sea

Brasil has great water attractions, from swimming in high seas to diving with the fish.

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A tip for tourists who go to Brazilian beaches is to look around for any kind of boat, raft or motor boat that offers tours for you to swim in the open sea. This is an incredible experience that is definitely worth trying. The sensation of swimming in the immensity of an open sea is frightening and fascinating at the same time. Just don’t forget to check if the boat offers security items such as buoys and life jackets.

If you don't want to just swim, but, also, to explore the underwater world, we recommend 5 remarkable places to take a dip in Brazilian waters, both for first-time and more experienced divers.

01 – Bonito (MS)

Bonito is the best place for diving in fresh water. Bonito is located in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, and is a city full of hidden beauties such as caves and lakes. The water is so transparent it's easy to see all its underwater beauty! We recommend: Rio da Prata and, for more experienced divers, the Anhumas Abyss.

02 – Porto de Galinhas (PE)

Porto de Galinhas’ beauty is famous all over the world. One of the village’s attractions is to plunge into its natural pools: there, you can snorkel in the shallow areas or swim around the island of Santo Aleixo, and explore ship wrecks.

03 – Arraial do Cabo (RJ)

You can book your wetsuit! Arraial do Cabo is a neighboring city to Rio de Janeiro, its sea temperature is cold, but the good diving spots outweight any sacrifice: the marine fauna is quite diverse and the water is very transparent.

04 – Fernando de Noronha (PE)

One of the best places for diving in the world, this island cluster has 21 islands and is a paradise even underwater. The water temperature is very hot and the Brazilians are passionate divers. There are 15 types of reefs, 213 species of marine animals, among them five shark species, and we cannot forget the famous spinner dolphins: curious in front of divers, they swim side by side and become fellows while diving.

Curiosity: Baía dos Golfinhos (one of the most famous beaches of Fernando de Noronha) it’s called like that because of its huge amount of dolphins!

05 - Abrolhos (BA)

After Fernando de Noronha, Abrolhos National Park is the best place in the Brasil for diving. Distant 75 km from the coast, the archipelago has four shipwrecks and, as their state of conservation is great, we can dive between them. In addition to shipwrecks and reefs, if you are between July and November, you’ll be able to find humpback whales swimming around and diving becomes even more amazing.

Route: take a boat in the town of Caravela, 278 km from Trancoso, the southern end of the State of Bahia.