6 Brazilian markets full of colors and flavors from Brasil

Traditional and varied, the Brazilian mercadões [big markets] are great options to wander around and have fun.

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If you, dear traveler, like cultural itineraries that are literally filled with flavors, a visit to the Brazilian markets is a tour not to be missed. In addition to the extremely attractive cuisine, markets gather varied regional products to take as souvenir, and give you the opportunity to learn about the consumption habits, customs and history of the city.

Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market of Manaus: The Manaus Market has numerous attractions. In addition to crafts and typical food, once a month, the space hosts the "Cultural Market", a night event that offers good music and regional exhibitions. A great tour option to order a snack while enjoying the evening learning a bit more of the art of the region.

São Paulo Municipal Market: The Municipal Market is a must for anyone visiting São Paulo. Trying the cod fried turnover, accompanied by a cold beer, and the famous mortadella sandwich (many pieces) is experiencing the best of São Paulo’s gastronomy. It's really worth the visit.

Belo Horizonte Central Market: In the Central Market of Belo Horizonte you'll find crafts, various types of cachaça and beers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, greens, numerous types of cheeses and the traditional and delicious cheese bread.

Modelo Market in Salvador: Located near many touristic points of the capital of Bahia, Mercado Modelo is the ideal tour for you do between one beach and another. The place has more than 250 stores with various types of local art, such as paintings, lace, tapestries and ceramic sculptures.

Ver-o-Peso Market in Belem: One of Belém’s postcards, the Ver-o-Peso Market is considered the largest street market in South America. With an iron structure imported in the 19th century, the Market offers numerous stalls scattered with Amazonian fish, baskets of açaí, medicinal herbs, crafts and religious items.

Madureira Market in Rio de Janeiro: With almost 600 stores and all kinds of merchandise, in "Mercadão de Madureira", as it is popularly known, you will find plants and medicinal herbs, flowers, a shop specializing in kites (toy made of paper and rope), kitchen utensils, accessories for brides, national and imported drinks, in addition to stores with religious products of the Bahia culture.