9 paradises the world hasn’t found out yet

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The Brazilian coast is over 7000 kilometers long, and has ridiculously beautiful landscapes. The Country has several beaches worthy of the movies, with waters that vary from turquoise blue to crystalline green, amid tropical greenery with coconut trees surrounding the coast, thin white sand, virgin forest, mangroves, diving with colorful fish, lush sunrises and stunning sunsets. These are impeccable and god-blessed scenarios that you, traveler, must experience, delight yourself with and, of course, come back.

Prepare to get lost in the heavenly scenery of Brazilian beaches.

São Miguel dos Milagres – Alagoas

São Miguel dos Milagres is one of the most preserved beaches of the country and leave visitors bedazzled by its beauty. Its beaches retain a natural wild beauty in addition to an extensive and beautiful coral coast. Filled with super tall coconut trees, the region is protected by coral reefs that form natural pools.

Boipeba – Bahia

The island of Boipeba is considered one of the most beautiful in Brasil and is located in the extreme south of Bahia. On the other hand, the island is surrounded by ocean, and on the other, by a river, which brings a magical feeling to its beaches with tropical forests full of trees, vines and wild animals. It was recognized as a World’s Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Jericoacoara – Ceará

The small village, which is 300 km from Fortaleza, is the perfect place to relax and get away from any technology. Full of lagoons and mangroves (typical environments flooded by fresh and salt water), Jeri, as it is called by the Brazilians, has two must-see tours: Pedra Furada, Duna do Pôr do Sol, where you can enjoy the spectacle of nature: a wonderful sunset. The sea is relatively calm and shallow for a long stretch, which makes it perfect for bathing.

Fernando de Noronha – Pernambuco

Comprised of 21 Islands and islets, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is a true wonder of nature. With heavenly beaches and preserved fauna and flora, the location is ideal for surfing, diving and, of course, falling in love.

Santa Catarina Island - Santa Catarina

The island of Santa Catarina is almost entirely home to Florianópolis, it has beautiful beaches like Lagoinha, Ponta das Canas and Brava Beach, as well as two large lagoons and a rich vegetation, natural beauties of the island.

Ilha Grande – Rio de Janeiro

Ecological paradise of the Rio de Janeiro coast, near Angra dos Reis, Ilha Grande guarantees its visitors a unique experience in harmony with nature. More than 100 exuberant beaches and trails through the Atlantic forest vegetation welcome the tourists. Cars are banned on the island, that is an example of sustainable development.

IlhabelaSão Paulo

Ilhabela, São Paulo, offers its visitors about 40 km of untapped beaches and a typical landscape of tropical forest, with hiking trails and waterfalls.

Praia dos Carneiros – Pernambuco

Carneiros is one of the most wonderful places in Brasil. Located 113 km from Recife, it has a wall of coral reefs stretching for 1 km, and its beaches house 5 km of coconut trees along the coast. With white sands, its waters are transparent, peaceful and warm.

Ilha do Marajó – Pará

Famous for its pororoca (large wave formed by the confluence of the waters of the Atlantic with the Amazonas and Tocantins rivers) and the large amount of Buffalo used for loading and transport, Marajó Island has beaches, lakes, dunes and forests that are part of the ecological sanctuary