We’ve gathered a few tips for you to enjoy the greatest street party in the country and fully enjoy the four-day holiday

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All around the country, the largest national celebration takes millions of people to the streets several days before and after the holiday. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the schedules of blocos (street parties) and samba schools parades, check the tips to have enough energy for all the parties and be careful to enjoy them safely.

Stay hydrated

Carnival takes place during the high of Brazilian summer, when the temperatures can easily go over 30 degrees, so it’s super important to stay hydrated during the parades and blocos to avoid feeling sick. A great tip for those celebrating in the Northeast is to drink lots of coconut water, a great source of nutrients and mineral salts typically from the region. Juices made from Brazilian fruits, such as cashew, are also refreshing and a great way to fight the heat. And, of course, drink lots of water!

Sunscreen goes with everything

The sun and hot weather are really strong everywhere in the country at this time of year, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on the beach, in the cities or even in the colder regions: don’t forget to wear sunscreen. And don’t be fooled by cloudy days! What we call mormaço, extreme heat even in cloudy weather, can also burn your skin, thus it’s essential to wear sunscreen in every occasion and reapply it a few times a day.

Time to have fun

Brazilian carnival is known for its irreverence. To honor that, nothing better than fun and creative costumes, which will result in unforgettable pictures, posts and laughs amongst the party-goers. Don’t be afraid do accessorize and search for references: characters from movies or series, artists, celebrities and even unexpected ideas, such as objects or animals. You can also arrange group costumes with your friends, like a group of superheroes. The most important thing is to have fun!

Enjoy the day comfortably

Besides being creative, also be practical when assembling your costume. Comfortable shoes, like sneakers, are great if you’re going to be standing for a long time. Another tip is to wear light fabric clothes to ease the heat. Taking a small bag or a fanny pack (yes, they’re back) to bring your personal belongings is a great idea, but keep it light! Take only the essential with you, like ID, cellphone, money and sunscreen. This way you can keep everything safely close to you, without any risk of losing important things in the middle of the crowd.

Be careful with lemons

Especially on the beaches, appetizers like seafood and fish usually come with some lemon slices on the side. And even though they make everything taste even better, lemons can cause skin burns on those who touch them and are exposed to sunlight. Always wash your hands after handling the fruit or even after grabbing a glass of lemonade or the famous caipirinha.

Never drink and drive!

Selling alcoholic beverages to people under 18 is forbidden and it’s also illegal to consume alcohol and drive, both in cities and highways. If you drink, choose public transportation or alternatives, like taxis or ride-sharing apps.

Be respectful

Carnival is a celebration for everyone, and being so, respect is fundamental. Don’t promote or encourage any kind of harassment. If you are a witness or the victim in any case of harassment, go to the authorities – in the main cities, the police increases the number of working policemen to patrol the areas where the festivities take place.

Take care of our streets

Before, during and after the parties, the Brazilian streets are public goods. Don’t litter or urinate on the streets or on private properties, like houses and buildings. Always look for public restrooms and trash cans.

Ask for help

Many Brazilian cities have Tourist Information Centers available for the party-goers. There you can find maps and help from bilingual employees. Click here for essential information and check below the addresses for the units in some Brazilian capital cities.

° Brasilia

° Maceio

° Recife

° Salvador

° Sao Paulo