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This is for you who loves the hype during your holidays and do not give up the convenience that only a big city offers.

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São Paulo – SP

It’s a city known all over the world for its fast pace, huge population concentration and high cost of living. It looks like a place with few attractions for anybody aiming to travel, right? Wrong! Sampa (as the Brazilians affectionately call the city), in fact, can be a lot of fun!

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is one of the great postcards of the city of Sao Paulo, and can be considered a leisure complex. It has thirteen sports courts, lighted marquee for skaters and skateboarders, dedicated to jogging, walks and rest, as well as a broad cultural are.

Municipal Market

One of the most wanted tours to those who visit São Paulo! The Mercadão, as it is popularly called, is a mixture of colors, scents and textures that fascinate. The tents of exotic fruits, grains, seasonings and spices can drive you nuts wanting to taste it all!


Did you know that Sao Paulo is considered the world capital of gastronomy? You can enjoy diverse and delicious dishes, which become the main attraction for tourists who dream of getting to know our city. Each year, the city receives about 12 million visitors who fall in love with the local cuisine!

Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais

It’s one of the most charming capitals of Brazil. In addition to the many attractions and events, its people are extremely friendly and receptive, which makes the city even better.

In BH (as it is also called), one can visit the beautiful architectural ensembles, stroll through the many green areas, delight in the good cuisine and have a quick chat in a pub. Here are some programs that will make any tourist a true mineiro (a person born in Minas Gerais):

Circuit of bars

The Brazilian capital of bars, Belo Horizonte is proud to have the greatest number of bars per capita in the country. There are options for all styles – from the most simple and traditional to the hippest and most sophisticated. A feature, however, is common to all of them: to prepare snacks to perfection, typically of the Minas Gerais residents.

To accompany the sausage, cracklings, cassava or angu turnovers, bet on the icy cold beer or an authentic local cachaça. Most bars are concentrated in the neighborhood of Savassi.

Typical Cuisine

Minas has multiple charms. In addition to the landscapes adorned by mountains and breathtaking reliefs, the State also has extraordinary cuisine, perhaps one with the biggest personality among all other States of the country. A classic example is the cheese bread, a delicacy from Minas Gerais that wins over anyone who tastes it. Belo Horizonte offers other typical delights such as tropeiro beans, ribs, loins with bean purée and chicken in blood sauce. It’s mouth-watering!

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

One of the most symbolic cities of Brazil. Former capital of the country, Rio is the hallmark of Brazilianess. With a unique culture and breathtaking landscapes, the city makes any tourist fall head over heels in love. In addition, in terms of population, Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in Brazil, besides being the second economic power in the country. Here are some programmes that will you into a real carioca!

Samba do Trabalhador

The Samba do Trabalhador is one of the main attractions of the city on Mondays. Renowned musicians participating in a samba circle, considered one of the best and most exciting samba events of the city. It takes place every Monday at the Clube Renascença, in Andaraí, on the north side, one of the main strongholds of the black movement in Rio.

Museum of Tomorrow

One of the newest tourist points of Rio de Janeiro, the Museum of Tomorrow is part of the revitalization project of the city’s port area. The Museum has exhibitions, a lab of tomorrow's activities, in addition to educational projects. Open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.