Brazil on two wheels

Want to ride bike through fantastic trails with stunning landscapes? In Brazil, there are options for all tastes and levels.

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The bike paths begin to multiply in Brazil, and more and more people leave their cars in the garage and privilege the bikes for short routes and within the city. However, if bikes are now beginning to conquer the urban centers, it’s been a long time since they have occupied the roads and trails of the country, which offers incredible routes for lovers of two wheels.

Whether you are a beginner, amateur or professional cyclist, who prefers trails on land, in the bush or on the asphalt, there are paths for all tastes.

For beginners

For those who are starting out, a good tip is to make flatter and shorter paths. The 28 km route between Gramado and Canela, in The Mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, meets both requirements, and can be traversed independently or with the assistance of a travel agency. The tour includes stops to admire the landscape and visits to vineyards and breweries (however, if pedaling, do not drink!).

The State Tourist Park of Alto da Ribeira, in Iporanga, in São Paulo, also has an easy level trail, passing by the Ribeira River and arriving at the Cachoeira Taquaruvira. But if you want to practice without leaving the city, then you can not miss the cycle trail of Rio de Janeiro beachfront, which leaves from Recreio dos Bandeirantes and arrives at the Aterro do Flamengo, in a stunning route that passes through beaches and the elevated Niemeyer Avenue, along the seashore.

For experienced

Those who already venture into more complicated routes will love the Discovery Route, in the state of Bahia, which connects Prado to Porto Seguro. The trip is not so long, 110 km, but it is recommended to do it with no rush, stopping to observe cliffs, crossing rivers, camping in the grass or in the sand and diving in the paradisiac beaches of the region.

In the same spirit of this tour is the Costa Verde & Mar Circuit, with departure and arrival in Balneário Camboriú, passing through places like Ilhota, Porto Belo and Bombinhas, amidst many natural beauties. In case you look for a trail with a different look, you need to know the Caminho da Luz, in Minas Gerais, joining Tombos to the Pico da Bandeira. With 180 km, it was thus baptized because of the tiny pieces and mica and crystal present in the way and in the mountain ranges, fragments that shine and reflect the light of the sun!

For experts

But if your preference is for really difficult trails, then start with the most classic of all, the Estrada Real, which connects Diamantina to Paraty and passes through the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The total course is 1,000 km (that's right, a thousand kilometers!), it is almost all dirt road and promotes a trip to Brazil from the 18th century, touring historic cities of the Brazilian Gold Rush and many natural beauties.

Chapada Diamantina, in Bahia, is also a destination for cyclists. Among its many trails, there is a 270 km that goes around the entire Chapada, passing through its main attractions. The place hosts important cycling events such as the Brazil Ride, one of Latin America's biggest competitions in sport. Another route where nature impresses is what connects Novo Acordo to the Ponte Alta do Tocantins, in Jalapão, in the state of Tocantins. The stretch of 450 km is extremely difficult, especially because of the amount of sand on the roads. However, the effort is rewarded by beautiful sunsets and dives in crystal clear waterfalls.

Now, how about preparing the equipment, reviewing the bike and heading to your favorite trail? Your body thanks your for that. As well as your mind.