Craft fairs for you to return home with a full suitcase

Historical references, affordable prices, regional gastronomy. Fairs are real Brazilian culture centers.

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Traditional tourist spots, the fairs are a special attraction for those who visit the Brazilian cities and want to learn a bit about their art and culture.


Feira da Torre: Meeting point of many Brasilia residents, with stalls of crafts, furniture, jewelry mixing wood and seeds, light colored linen or cotton fabric clothes, typical dishes and the traditional fried turnover with sugarcane juice.

Rio de Janeiro

São Cristovão Fair: The São Cristovão Fair is an excellent option for shopping, eating and fun. With almost 700 tents, it offers products such as handicrafts, fabrics and mouth-watering foods, and the best, in the groove of Northeastern rhythms, like forró.

São Paulo

Liberdade Fair: Inaugurated in 1975, the Feira Oriental da Liberdade (as it is also known) was created with the aim of presenting the work of oriental immigrants and showcase a little more of the Japanese culture for those passing by. The food section is one of the most visited and offers many Chinese and Japanese delights, and, of course, Brazilian cuisine.


Caruaru Fair: The city of Caruaru, 123 km from Recife, is known for one of the biggest June festivities in the world, but also for having one of the most traditional fairs in the country. Held for more than 200 years, it comprises countless colorful tents spread over two kilometers on the streets of the city, offering a wide variety of popular handicraft products such as hatsof all fabrics and sizes, baskets, clay and ceramic objects, among others. One of the attractions that draw hundreds of people to the fair is also the cuisine. The fair offers visitors regional foods like those made of grilled meat and goat, apart from medicinal herbs, fruits and veggies. There are also sections where you will find clothes, shoes, bags, pots, furniture and, if you're lucky, you will bump into some performances of Fife bands (set of percussion and wind instruments) and guitar players.