Placed on the border between Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, Foz do Iguazu offers good vibes to all ages and styles.

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In the heart of the South American continent, Foz do Iguazu is unlike any other tourist attraction. Ripe with lush jungle and wildlife, the region is home to the world's largest waterfall system. Spanning a 2.7-kilometer area, it has 275 waterfalls - the exact number depends on whether it is the wet or dry season - that make for a breathtaking scenery. In 2011, the falls were unsurprisingly selected as one of the winners of the New Seven Wonders of Nature contest.

Where cultures meet

The exuberant nature is by no means the only asset of Foz do Iguazu. The city is also an extremely cosmopolitan place, being located on the so-called "triple frontier," a tri-border area shared by Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. Locals are used (and open) to learning about new cultures, beliefs, and habits.

According to local authorities, there are more than 80 ethnic groups living in the region. No wonder the locals are known for their hospitality and openness.

Even if you're not a fan of the outdoors, Foz do Iguazu has options for you, too. While your friends and family enjoy the parks and falls, you can either visit one of the many museums in town, or if you're an architecture lover, go check out the Itaipu Dam, one of South America's most impressive constructions.

If youhave the guts and want to experience Brazil’s very own Jurassic Park, the Valley of Dinosaurs offers long winding trails with fossilized dinosaur tracks, archeological sites and dinosaur statues. And all of that is for free!

Lush nature

Rich in natural beauty, Foz do Iguazu is the place for those who want to connect with nature. There are over two thousand plant species surrounding the landscape of Iguazu Falls. Another option is to visit the Parque das Aves, Latin America's biggest bird-watching park, and get up close and personal with over 150 different species of birds, along with snakes and lizards. It is a perfect park for the whole family to enjoy.

The main attraction is, of course, the Iguazu Falls. Some can get as high as 80 meters, like the park's main attraction - a system of 14 waterfalls known as the "Devil's Throat." You can get to the falls using a speedboat, but be prepared to get wet, as the tour takes you right under the waterfalls. You will be surprised to see how common it is to spot animals such as toucans, jaguars and monkeys on your way to the falls.

A place for business

The mix of nature and cosmopolitan culture can also be a great backdrop for business. Foz do Iguazu is the third most sought-after city for conventions and business events, according to the International Congress and Convention Association. Only Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the country's two largest cities, come ahead.

It doesn't matter what your style is - you'll have a great time in Foz do Iguazu.