Five tourist attractions to go back to the past

Get to know some places in our country that take you on a trip through time.

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Some Brazilian tourist attractions take us back to the past. Around the country, there are special places that reminds us of ancestors’ stories and public personalities.

Memorial JK, Brasília

In Brasília, capital of Brazil, the visitor can see the place that tells the history of the former President Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira. Memorial JK offers the public his large personal collection and pictures of the construction of the city.

Located in the capital downtown, in the monumental axis, Memorial JK keeps in its collection, in addition to objects that symbolize the city, clothes of the former President, the presidential sash, personal library and medals. Visitors can also know the Kubitschek’s grave (where his mortal remains are), which is kept in a dark room, with stage lighting.

Ouro Preto Historic Downtown

Ouro Preto city, in Minas Gerais, is well known for its colonial architecture. Its historic downtown was the first Brazilian place to be considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1980. There the visitor feels delighted by its Baroque style buildings.

The city also houses Museu da Inconfidência, dedicated to preserve the memory of the Inconfidência Mineira (revolutionary movement against the Portuguese colonialism in Brazil) (1789). Its creation began in 1930, when President Getúlio Vargas asked that the bodies of the inconfidentes mineiros (the revolutionaries) buried in Africa were brought to Brazil. The space was reformed to serve as a museum to the memory of the movement.

Its collection has a large number of documents relating to the history of the region, including several works of historic and artistic heritage of the State. There are also objects from the Brazil Colonial period, urns with remains of the inconfidentes, musical scores and library with thousands of rare books.

Museu Imperial (Imperial Museum), Petrópolis (RJ)

Petrópolis is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro. With a rich history, it was the favorite city of Dom Pedro II, who built a palace that served as summer residence of the imperial family: the Imperial Museum. The site has a neoclassical architecture, elegant and simple, perfect for a summer house.

With a rich collection of pieces that refer to monarchy, the Museum has furniture used at the time, documents, paintings, art works and even personal objects that belonged to the imperial family. The site has the following open spaces: dining room; music room, which preserves instruments such as a golden harp, a 18th-century psaltery, the piano of Dom Pedro I and a spinet; State room, where Dom Pedro use to receive official visitors; office, with scientific instruments and books; chambers of the princesses and living room of the Empress Teresa Cristina.

Wax Museum, Gramado (RS)

Gramado is city in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and amazes everyone at any time of the year. Timber framing inspired architecture (construction style used by the Germans) dominates the landscape of houses and shops of the city. There, you have the opportunity to visit Dreamland, the first Wax Museum of Latin America. The site recalls music and movie icons such as Charles Chaplin, Elvis Presley and others. Underground, there is the Harley Motor Show, a mix of museum and themed bar with 21 ancient models of the brand.

Pelourinho, Salvador (BA)

Salvador is the capital of Bahia State, known for its natural beauty and warm people. There you can visit Pelourinho, the historic downtown, considered a world heritage by Unesco. The neighborhood has mansions and multi-story houses inspired on Portuguese baroque architecture, as well as churches from the 17th and 18th centuries.