Four locations in Brazil that allow sensorial experiences

Experience a world of contemporary art, music and Afro-Brazilian culture.

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Tourism activities can go far beyond observation and contemplation of natural beauty. Sensorial tourism, which allows a way more direct absorption of local history, by using physical perceptions and immersion in the culture, aromas and biomes, allows experiences much more integrated and special learning. Next, we chose for you some examples of places where you can live these experiences.

Instituto Meninos Cantores de Petrópolis – Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro

This institution takes care of the musical education of children and young people from 8 to 18 years old, through the choruses Canarinhos de Petrópolis and Meninas dos Canarinhos de Petrópolis, and also the course for apprentices. There, you have the opportunity to get to know 19th century Brazilian music and the relevance of chorus songs in the country’s culture. Presentations offer a panorama of national music, since the Empire days to the present day.

Visitations are offered on Fridays and Sundays between February and November, and are approximately one hour long. It is required a group of at least 10 people and a 15-day in advance reservation.

Parque Memorial Quilombo dos Palmares (Quilombo dos Palmares Memorial Park) – Serra da Barriga, Alagoas

Quilombo dos Palmares was the largest and most well-structured refuge for slaves in the country. With the longest existence among all quilombos, it was led by Zumbi dos Palmares, their “king”. He died on November 20th 1695, date later established as the National Day of Black Consciousness. The park, first of its kind in Brazil, takes you through the history of resistance and struggle against slavery.

Located in Serra da Barriga, Alagoas, this place was the stage of many battles and a refuge for thousands of rebel slaves. Being the only theme park on Afro-Brazilian culture, it was created to keep the history alive, allowing a true and unique cultural immersion.

Inhotim - Brumadinho, Minas Gerais

One of the most amazing collections of contemporary art nowadays in Brazil, the Inhotim Institute contains rare species of flora from all corners of the world, which compose a rich botanical collection. There, you will find a museological complex divided into several galleries and pavilions, and will come across sculptures and other works exposed outdoors.

At the Institute, you can walk around countryside landscapes, forests, gardens, walk trails and mountains, actively living this different and unforgettable experience. The entire collection is used for social activities and education, covering public of all ages.

Jardim Botânico de Brasília Brasília, Distrito Federal

The space offers interpretative trails that lead you through the typical Cerrado vegetation, perfectly preserved there. The visitation areas include a picnic area, an amphitheater, themed gardens, a permaculture center, library and much more. Start your experience by the Visitor Center, a good way to get all necessary guidelines to make the best of the tour.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the open collections of museums, such as the thematic gardens that allow experiences with smells and tell the story of the evolution of plants. The idea is to promote direct contact with diversity of species from everywhere and promote understanding of the relationship between plants and society.