Naked with the hands in the pocket

The eight naturist beaches of the country, for those who want to mix sea and freedom.

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“Naked, naked, bare with the hands in the pocket!” said the band Ultraje a Rigor, in the 1980s, in one of its greatest successes, not by chance called “Pelado”.

If the song of the group from São Paulo plays with the fact that we are always dressed, going against human nature, since we are all born naked, the naturist philosophy is something serious. It preaches a life in harmony with the environment, outdoors, consuming preferably natural foods and practicing nudism. Everything, of course, with a lot of respect for others and for all living beings.

Modern naturism emerged in the last century, in Germany and in France. In Brazil, it began to spread thanks to the activism of the actress and dancer Dora Vivacqua, better known as “Luz del Fuego,” who created the Brazilian Naturalist Party (1949) and the Brazilian Naturist Club (1954). The practice, however, was repressed for several decades and the first naturist beach only appeared in the country in the 1980s, in Camboriú, Santa Catarina: the “Praia do Pinho”.

After it, seven others appeared in different states. Besides “Pinho,” Santa Catarina contributes to the list with two more: Galhetas, in Florianópolis, near “Praia Mole,” and “Pedras Altas,” in the city of Guarda do Embaú.

Rio de Janeiro has two, both far from the tourist areas. The best known is “Abricó,” in the city of Grumari, with easy access. The other is Búzios, whose crystal clear waters are reached after a 20-minute trail.

And there are three more. To go to “Barra Seca,” in the city of Linhares, in Espírito Santo, it is necessary to make a boat crossing along the Ipiranga River. “Tambaba,” in the city of Conde, in Paraíba, was the first official nudist beach in the Northeast. And “Massarandupió,” in the city of Sítio do Conde, is the only one in Bahia.

Some of these beaches accept dressed visitors. Others separate single men from other tourists. But they all put into practice the philosophy that the human body does not have to be hidden. After all, as the song said, "Everyone likes to be naked, and everyone wants it. Everybody gets naked, everybody so is." Or not?