Nightlife of the main cities of the country

Bars, pubs and concert venues for you to rehearse some samba steps and take advantage of the Brazilian's bohemian lifestyle.

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Although derived from the French word "bohème", the term "boemia" has permanent places in Brazil. In the main capitals of the country, cities with huge populations, bohemia is part of everyday life. Be it in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília or in Salvador, it’s easy to find an extensive variety of bars, pubs and nightclubs. Although such expression has served over the years to call something lustful, that lifestyle is universally appreciated.

That’s why the endless range of establishments grants Brazil a magnetism power in relation to bohemians. Lapa, in Rio de Janeiro, is its greatest symbol. A famous landmark of Rio de Janeiro, it was packed with fans during the 2014 World Cup. Its famous arches would not be so attractive if they were not accompanied by the bars of the region, most of them related to our most popular music genre, samba.

In Salvador, capital of Bahia, Pelourinho (popularly known as "Pelô") is famous for its history and trendy night life. Situated in the heart of the historic center of the city, it offers several artistic and musical attractions, besides the concentration of bars, restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, churches and other monuments. Full of cultural activities and events, Pelourinho was revitalized and became more colorful and vivid.

In Belo Horizonte, the Savassi neighborhood is one of the most attended areas of the state capital because of its huge amount of bars and restaurants. From 2011, the region underwent a restructuring, with the deployment of bicycle paths and the construction of an underground parking. Savassi is situated in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte.

Bohemian live is also hectic in the largest brazilian metropolis, São Paulo. Attractions include ancient “botecos”, thematic pubs and sophisticated bars. The region of Baixo Augusta is the epicenter of alternative life in São Paulo and it’s full of this type of establishments. In turn, in the hilly Vila Madalena, in the west zone of the city, there are several bars attended by intellectuals and others with more intimate atmosphere, in addition to concert venues.