Perfect Brazilian destinations for fauna and flora observation

The forests green and the birds singing can be appreciated in diverse places of Brazil. Meet 6 of them.

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Contemplating the birds singing or appreciating the beauty of rare plant species are ecotouristic activities that can be carried out in diverse Brazilian regions. The observation of the rich and extensive Brazilian fauna and flora is a mixture of relaxation and source of adrenaline when the visitors come across different species.

The contemplative activity of animals and plants in their natural habitat can also be embedded in scientific research road map. For those who prefer diving in the aquatic habitat, the attraction is the close contact with banks of coral and shoals of fish. There are many possibilities, including hiking in the woods or trails all over Brazil. Take advantage of the many options and choose the most attractive one for you:


The Amazon Forest is the largest tropical forest in the world and has 60% of its area in Brazil alone. It is estimated that there are about one million species of animals and plants, representing half of all species on the planet. For those who want to venture in the area, the tours contemplate hiking trails in closed forest, jungle camps, bathing in waterfalls and rivers, wildlife observation and even visits to indigenous communities.


Considered one of the best ecotourism destinations in Brazil, Bonito is located in the southeast region of Mato Grosso do Sul and presents stunning landscapes. They are bathing in waterfalls, trails, boat trips, observation of the aquatic fauna in rivers of crystalline waters, and for the most courageous, the “Abismo Anhumas,” with a rappel of 72 m in height in a crevice that gives access to a lake of calm waters, Where it is possible to practice diving.

Chapada dos Veadeiros

In the heart of the state of Goiás, the region reserves the contemplation of diversed waterfalls and vegetation typical of the Savanna. Valleys and natural pools are one of the invitations of this National Park that was considered World Heritage by Unesco.

The Roncador Mountain

Formed by plateaus, an impressive fauna and flora and surrounded by more than 100 waterfalls, The Roncador Mountain is located 500 km from Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso, and extends to the state of Pará, in the Cachimbo Mountain. The region reserves different options for those who enjoy adventure. One of them is the jeep tour, the best way to contemplate the local landscapes.

The Maraú Peninsula

Located on the Dendê Coast, in the south of Bahia, Maraú offers more than 40 km of deserted beaches, which at low tide form dozens of natural pools, full of fish that appear among the reefs. At the Taipus de Fora beach, it is possible to take night dives with lanterns to observe the marine fauna.


The Jalapão State Park is in the state of Tocantins and is difficult to access. The region is among the most beautiful in the country, thanks to the life and colors emanating from nature. In the middle of the landscape run “guarás” wolves and bush deer, while diverse dirt roads lead to true oases surrounded by waterfalls, emerald-green water shafts and gigantic dunes.