Ramps that lead to stunning scenery

Enjoy the view and fly freely from five beautiful tops of Brazil.

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Brazil is a reference country with regard to free world flying, just as Hawaii, in the United States, is surfing.

There are many Brazilian regions that have incredible peaks and wind currents that are ideal for free flying. Climatic conditions, in general, favor the activity and those who enjoy flying without having natural wings should know some of these places that we have separated for you:

The Moeda Mountain

An opportunity to practice free flight, contemplate incredible hills and make trails, The Moeda Mountain is 25 km from Belo Horizonte, and has one of the most spectacular views of the state of Minas Gerais. The 1,500 m high mountain range has a natural ramp for th practitioners of hang-glider and paragliding and is an ideal setting for panoramic balloon flights.

Pedra Bonita

The top of Pedra Bonita, in São Conrado, in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited in the country. This is because the ride there does not require great physical effort and the look up there is stunning. The Pedra Bonita is located in the Tijuca National Park and has its beginning on Pedra Bonita Road, near the free flight ramp, where hang-gliders and paragliding flights depart. The trail is made in just 30 minutes of light hiking.

The Ibituruna Peak

Among athletes, this place in Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais, is unanimous and has Mecca status of free flight in the country, besides being considered one of the best points in the world to fly. Less experienced pilots should fly only at times when the thermal activity is not very intense, preferably in the early morning and late afternoon. The place counts on 14 ramps, ten of them natural, take-off for diverse directions and many options for landing. The place has already been the stage of world championships of the sport.

Northeastern Hinterland

Who wants to break records of distance has two obligatory points in Brazil, both in the northeastern hinterland: Patu, in Rio Grande do Norte and Quixadá, in Ceará. These are places that allow cross country flights of up to 300 km. However, pilots need to have experience and a keen spirit of adventure since in these regions the tourist infrastructure is modest.

The Andradas Peak

The Andradas Peak is located on the boundary of the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Elected one of the 5 best take-off peaks in the country, it offers 10 ramps for takeoff in several quadrants, with concrete and natural structures in a well-kept grassy area. The place has equipment shop and cafeteria well equipped, with bathrooms, piped water and electricity.