Ten unforgettable destinations for a trip for two

Get to know some wonders of Brazil, perfect for a romantic trip.

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Traveling is always good. Accompanied by the one you love, even better. A romantic trip is a great idea to break the routine or even to celebrate love. Many places in Brazil are charming and bring the so expected tranquility for couples. We have prepared a list of places that will make you plan the next trip very quick:

Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul

Gramado and its neighboring city 7 km away Canela are part of the Romantic Route. Couples can enjoy the day with a tour by the Chocolate Museum, which tells the story of the candy, as well as religious temples, like Igreja do Relógio (Clock Church), or even taking a pedal boat ride at Lago Negro (Black Lake). The cold weather of Serra Gaúcha can be best enjoyed in front of a fireplace, having a good wine or a delicious hot chocolate.

Ilha do Mel, Paraná

In the State of Paraná, Ilha do Mel (Honey Island) has beautiful beaches, very demanded from December to February. The evening can be enjoyed in one of the restaurants of the region with a candlelight dinner.

Monte Verde, Minas Gerais

Monte Verde is a district of Camanducaia city, South of Minas Gerais. In the summer, its temperature can reach 28°C, but the romance is up to the harsh winter with -10° C, forming a beautiful landscape in a combination of green gardens and ice, which is even more beautiful with the charm of smoke from fireplaces that warm up houses and chalets.

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Paraty is famous for preserving the colonial architecture of houses and shops. The city hosts the famous Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty (Paraty International Literary Festival – Flip) between June and July, with the presence of important national and international writers. Couples can still enjoy the day in a romantic schooner ride.

Praia do Amor, Tibau do Sul

Praia do Amor (Love Beach) – in Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte – is ideal for those who love the Sun and warm sea. The difficult access offers more tranquility to couples. In addition, it is ideal for couples who enjoy surfing.

São Miguel dos Milagres, Alagoas

São Miguel dos Milagres is a city located in the State of Alagoas with deserted beaches, a perfect place to enjoy sunny days with your companion. There, the couple can sail on a raft through limpid waters, practice snorkeling and swim in natural pools.

Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco

Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous beaches in the Northeast and is well-known for its natural pools of limpid and warm waters. The couple can enjoy a raft ride at the sea or take a ride through the dunes by buggy. At night, you can dance forró at bars of the region.

Campos do Jordão, São Paulo

Campos do Jordão is located in the countryside of the State of São Paulo and is very famous among those who enjoy the cold weather. The couple can take a train to enjoy the beauty of the city architecture, which follows European standards, and also the gardens and green woods. Night can be heated in fireplaces of chalets and hotels.

Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro

Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro, has more than 360 islands. The place is very demanded by couples who want to enjoy quiet tours. The landscape is beautiful and there are several leisure options, such as motor-boat rides and scuba diving on several local beaches. The night can be even better if enjoyed on a romantic dinner at restaurants in the city.

Morretes, Paraná

Morretes is 70 km away from Curitiba and has a beautiful view and lots of nature. The landscape can be enjoyed with a train ride by the centennial railroad Morretes-Curitiba. Don’t forget to try the typical cuisine, such as the famous barreado, which is meat boiled in a clay pan for almost 20 hours.