The 6 biggest amusement parks of Brasil

Thematic complexes with the most varied attractions will ensure excitement and fun to tourists of all ages.

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Electronic toys, musical performances, aquatic attractions: these are some of the options that tourists visiting Brasil can find in amusement parks here. With countless entertainment possibilities, the complexes guarantee joy and excitement to people of all ages. It’s not necessary to feel afraid of the more radical attractions involving visitors release of adrenaline. You’ll scream, you’ll like it and you’ll want it again. Below are some of the best parks in the country:

1) Beto Carrero World: It’s Latin America's largest theme park. Established in 1991, it’s located in the city of Penha, in the State of Santa Catarina. Beto Carrero World offers more than one hundred attractions, in addition to a zoo and a farm. Among them are the Free Fall (free-fall toy), the Fire Whip (the only inverted roller coaster of Brasil) and Super Cars (in which it is possible to drive gas-guzzling vehicles, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis). The Park is also famous for its world-class performances.

2) Hopi-Hari: One of the largest parks in the country, Hopi-Hari has the fifth largest roller coaster in the world, called Montezum. It’s located in the city of Vinhedo, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo. Tourists walk around different landscapes, from the Old American West to Europe's glamour.

3) Beach Park: Beach Park is close to the capital of the State of Ceará, Fortaleza. It’s the largest water park of Brasil, set on the seafront, in the city of Aquiraz. There are 16 attractions, so the most radical one is the waterslide, with 41 m tall. In the complex, there are also resorts for lodging.

4) Hot Park: Situated in the city of Rio Quente, in the State of Goiás, Hot Park is famous for its natural hot waters. Among the attractions of this water park, there are swimming pools (including one with waves), toboggans, tree climbing, zip line, climbing, abseiling, ecological scuba diving and even surfing lessons for children.

5) Snowland: It’s the first indoor snow park of the Americas. Established on 25 October 2013, Snowland is in the city of Gramado, in Serra Gaúcha. With 16 km², it has capacity for up to one thousand people and up to 3.5 thousand visits per day. The Snowy Mountain (where you can ski and practice snowboard) and the Alpine Village (an environment with electronic toys, reminiscent of the Swiss valleys) are some of the most amazing attractions.

6) Thermas dos Laranjais: The park Thermas dos Laranjais, whose complex is situated in Olímpia, São Paulo, divides its attractions by categories: radicals, for children, for seniors and for the family. Within the aquatic complex, the tourist has at your disposal two beaches, leisure and tourism areas with shops, restaurants, bars, among others.