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Located in the North of the state of Mato Grosso, 820 km from the capital, Cuiabá, the city of Alta Floresta is the main Brazilian destinations for sport fishing and bird watching. For those who enjoy these activities, the city offers great infrastructure hotels in the jungle or on the Riverside. The facilities offer boat service and pilot for fishing as well as private spots for bird watching.

Alta Floresta is located at the South of the Amazon rainforest and it is route to the Cristalino Private Reserve of the Natural Heritage. It is a preservation area with sustainable ecotourism. It was founded and supported by an incredible jungle lodge. The place is an excellent for bird watching, River bathing, and hiking in the middle of the forest and boat trips.

Cristalino State Park is around the reserve. The park covers an area of 184,000 hectares, full of animal species. The Rivers Madeira, Xingu and Teles Pires form a natural barrier for birds’ dispersal.

The best time for bird watching is during the dry season, between April to October. You can watch a bird parade with toucans, herons, hawks, and rufescent tiger heron, among others. On the banks of the Rivers also appear animals such as South American tapirs, capybaras and giant otters. The aquatic life is also rich: full of fishes such as cichla, goliath catfish, gilded catfish, pacu (several common species of omnivorous from South American freshwater) and golden dorado (salminus brasiliensis).

The city attractions extend beyond the natural beauty. You can also visit the Natural History Museum, located in downtown, where you can find all history of the city as well as studies of archaeology, paleontology, geology and zoology.

Road (bus)
There are buses that departure to the city of Alta Floresta at the Cuiabá Bus Station. Please check bus schedules and companies.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
You can rent a car in the city Cuiabá and drive to Alta Floresta. Please check the route.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
You can rent a car in Alta Floresta and go for a drive

The best way to go to the city is by taxi. Please check fares and look for a service provider.

Alta Floresta City Hall

The city area code is 66.


To visit Brazil, it is not mandatory to vaccinate against any type of disease. However, yellow fever vaccine is recommended (disease transmitted by an infected mosquito bite); if you have never taken this vaccine, you must take it up to 10 days before your trip (this period is not necessary if you have been vaccinated before).

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