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Diamantina, from the top of its 300 years, has an extremely rich and well-preserved architectural, cultural and natural heritage. Dating back from the first half of the 18th century, its origin is linked to the exploitation of gold and diamond. The name Diamantina is a reference to the huge amount of diamonds extracted in the region.

The Baroque colonial mansions and churches are witnesses of this secular period of effervescence and wealth. In 1999, Diamantina was listed as World’s Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

The hometown of Juscelino Kubitschek preserves the house where he lived as a child, the Casa de Juscelino [Juscelino’s Home]. JK was Brasil's President between 1956 and 1961 and his greatest legacy was the construction of Brasília. The capital of the country is home to a Memorial dedicated to him.

The Casa de Chica da Silva, another historical figure that lived in the city, also is open for visitation. Chica was a slave who married a rich contractor of diamonds, João Fernandes de Oliveira, and had 13 children with him.

Thanks to her husband's fortune, she attained prestige and power within the city’s white elite. On her death, she was buried in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, an almost exclusive privilege of rich white people.

One of the most picturesque buildings of the city is the Passadiço da Casa da Glória [Casa da Glória Bridge], in the historic center. Through a wooden corridor, the construction connects two historic mansions that in the past operated as a strict college for girls. The bridge served for them to move around the institution without having contact with the local people.

Must-see tours around the outskirts of Diamantina include the villages of Milho Verde (on the Royal Road) and the Biribiri State Park, with cave paintings and beautiful waterfalls.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santo Antonio da Sé, famous for its side altars which refer to the Baroque, is another attraction of Diamantina.

From April to October, the so-called Vesperatas take place in Diamantina, receiving musicians who play romantic old songs at Rua da Quitanda [Quitanda Street].

The Belo Horizonte International Airport is the nearest airport to Diamantina, located 298 km from the city, and receiving regular flights from Miami, Lisbon, Panama and Orlando.

You can catch a bus to Diamantina from the Belo Horizonte bus station.
Personal or rental vehicles

You can rent a car in Belo Horizonte, and go to Diamantina, which is 298 km away. See the route.

Personal or rental vehicle
You can rent a car to visit the other attractions of the city.

Bike is always a good option to get around, especially in small towns like Diamantina. This small map can help you get around the city.

Diamantina City Government
Turismo Diamantina

The area code (DDD) for Diamantina is 38.


Tourist Service Center: +55 (38) 3531-9532

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