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Goiânia is the capital of Goiás, state that is right at the center of Brazil. Near Brasília, Goiânia is the gateway to tourist attractions like Caldas Novas, Araguaia river, Pirenópolis and Cidade de Goiás.

It has one of the biggest architectural collections of art deco in the Country. It is worth it to go on a stroll through the bustling city center and make a stop at Praça Cívica, where you may visit many attractions such as the Zoroastro Artiaga Museum and the Museum of Image and Sound of Goiás, in addition to the Monumento às 3 Raças, which is the symbol of the city.

Two other cultural spaces stand out. The first one is Memorial do Cerrado, a scientific complex with ancient villages, indigenous villages and scenographic quilombos, Natural History Museum and ecological hiking trails. The second is the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center which houses the Museum of Contemporary Art of Goiás and has room for events and is also a living space for the young audience, especially in the afternoons of the weekends.

The local cuisine is very rich. Items such as pamonha, galinha caipira com arroz (free-range chicken with rice), empadão (deep filled pie) and the unique pequi fruit must be part of your gastronomic experience. You can also visit the ice cream shops that specialize in fruits of the Cerrado and taste flavors that can not be compared to any other. Known as the Brazilian savanna, the Cerrado is the second largest biome of Brazil and is very rich in biodiversity.

Nightlife is quite hectic, especially due to the Brazilian country music, or 'sertanejo”, a rhythm born in the State of Goiás. The capital of Goiás also has one of the largest independent rock scenes in the country and plays host to many large festivals.

Urban parks such as Flamboyant, Vaca Brava and Areião are like an urban oasis for residents and visitors, and also offer a chance to connect with nature, neighbors and to play sports, particularly on Sundays.

Having an excellent quality of life, the biggest highlight of Goiânia is surely the people. People from Goiânia are warm and friendly, which makes any tourist feel truly at home.

Plane/ airport
Goiânia airport has direct connections with large Brazilian cities and also some international flight connections.
The nearest international airport to Goiânia is Brasília , which receives direct flights from Buenos Aires, Paris, Atlanta, Miami, Lisbon, Panama City and Punta Cana.
Road (bus)

Goiania Bus Station is located downtown and has intercity and interstate bus routes.
Personal or Rental Vehicles
You can rent a car in Brasília and go to Goiânia. See the routes. Attention: there are two tolls on the route and they only receive payment in cash, so make sure to take around R$ 20.00 to pay the tolls to go and to come back.

There are lines from nearly every neighborhood connected to downtown. Parks and shopping malls are also easy to access. A useful tip is to check which bus line to take in "Plan your trip".
On foot
The city center is a wonderful place to walk. Starting from the Praça Cívica (Cívic Square), you can stroll through Goiás, Araguaia and Tocantins Avenues, and also the the urban park Bosque dos Buritis.
The most comfortable way of getting around town is by taxi. Calculate the fare and check which companies provide this type of service.

Goiás State Tourism Agency

Goiânia City Hall

The area code of Goiânia is 62.


Tourist Service Center: + 55 62 3524 5060

Emergency (Samu): 192

The rainy season is from October to March. Carrying an umbrella during that period is recommended!
It is very hot during the day in the city, but at night the temperature can decrease a lot, especially between the months of May and July.

We recommend the use of repellents during the day and night, due to mosquitoes and other insects.
To enter Brazil, vaccination against any type of illness is not mandatory. However, vaccination against yellow fever (a disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes) is recommended before your trip. If you have never taken the vaccine, you need to take it up to 10 days before the trip (this time period is not necessary if you have already been vaccinated).

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