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Ilhéus played an important role in the history of the Brazilian economy during the 19th century. Known as the Land of Chocolate and the Cocoa Capital (fruit that is the raw material for chocolate), the city was the main port of cocoa production from Bahia to the world.

The intense trade between the Princesinha do Sul (another one of Ilhéus’ nicknames) and Europe is present until today in the city’s architecture, in places that are described by the novels of the Bahian writer Jorge Amado, who has published works in 60 countries.

To walk through Jorge Amado’s neighborhood is like diving in the scenarios described by the author. There, you will find, the Bataclan Cabaré and the Bar Vesúvio buildings, both present in one of his main romances - Gabriela, Cravo e Canela, 1958.

The Mercado de Artesanato of Ilhéus (craft market) is also a sought after place and has a good variety of handcrafted pieces and souvenirs for you to take home, as well as a restaurant with affordable price.

The Casa de Cultura Jorge Amado (Jorge Amado Culture House) (Jorge Amado Culture House) is another highlight of a visit downtown. Open in 1929, this beautiful house with large halls and staircases, made of Carrara marble, is open to visitation, and presents the author’s personal and literary path, through personal objects and a permanent photo exhibition.

The Paranaguá Palace, the São Jorge Church and the São Sebastião Cathedral, with its Baroque and Gothic style, are also attractions that deserve to be visited.

Ilhéus is the main city of the tourist region of the Cocoa Coast and its beaches have extensive sandy tracks and appeal to surfers and divers. The Milionários and the Sul beaches, are among the closest to downtown and have tents and lodging infrastructure.

The route to Itacarezinho, a paradise beach 58 km from the city, passes through the first ecological highway of Brazil, with mangroves and waterfalls inside the Atlantic forest.

On the road connecting Ilhéus to Itabuna, you can visit cocoa farms, like the Primavera and the Yrerê, where you will learn about the cocoa production cycle from plantation until the final product, also offered for tasting.

Ilheus Airport receives direct flights from many Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo.
Address: Rua Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, s/n° - Pontal - Ilhéus - BA
Telephone: +55 (73) 3231-7629

The Ilhéus bus station is located 3.5 km from downtown and is easily accessed by public transportation.
Address: Avenida Roberto Santos, 15 - Ilhéus - BA

Telephone: + 55 (73) 3634-4121

The Port of Ilhéus receives ships coming from different parts of the world. Contact cruise companies for more information.
Rua Rotary, s/n - Cidade Nova
+55 (73) 3231-1200

Check the bus lines of Ilhéus. City Hall also offers the Disk Rodoviária with information about bus and bus lines.
Telephone: +55 (73) 2102-5335
Personal or rental vehicle

If you want more freedom, you can rent a car to drive around Ilhéus. Check car rental companies.

The easiest way of getting around town is by taxi. Check rates and companies available in the city.

Tourism in Ihéus
Telefones Úteis

Tourist Service Center:
+55 (73) 3633-7083

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