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São Miguel do Gostoso

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São Miguel do Gostoso has an impressive natural resource where you will meet kind and friendly locals. It is 120 km far from Natal, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte.

This peaceful and charming fishermen village attracts couples, families and group of friends that are willing to rest in beautiful beaches.

Tourinhos Beach has an interesting rock formation and calm waters, an invitation for a nice diving. Maceió Beach is a beach with almost no sea waves, perfect for a relaxing stroll.

Despite all the peacefulness of the village, the beach is perfect for windsurf and kitesurf practice due to the strong wind. If you enjoy these sports, Ponta de Santo Cristo Beach is the perfect point. The sky and the sea gets really colourful with all the sails from all around.

The town is at the tip of the continent and to enjoy the lovely scenery of the sun going down at the sea, you better go to Xêpa Beach where the dusk with all the palm trees swinging harmoniously is stunning.

São Miguel do Gostoso offers you many other attractions such as horse or bicycle riding, local handicraft shops where you can buy souvenirs made with chintz, sculptures and perfectly embroidered towels.

The only church in the region, São Miguel Arcanjo Church is connected with the city history and culture. Located in the main street, it is worth visiting this small and cosy church.

In São Miguel do Gostoso you will find all sorts of accomodation from lodges to cottages, various choices of seafood dishes and the exotic and refreshing caipifruta (an alcoholic beverage prepared with cachaça and fruits from the region)

Visit the village and enjoy the unforgettable trip set in this marvellous natural landscape.

Natal International airport includes national and international flights and it is 99 km far from São Miguel do Gostoso village.

Personal or rental vehicles
You can get to São Miguel do Gostoso by car from Natal. Go through BR-101 road.

You can get to São Miguel do Gostoso by taxi from the airport in Natal.

Personal or rental vehicles
The best way to visit beaches far from São Miguel do Gostoso by renting a car.
On foot
The best way to know the small city of São Miguel do Gostoso, is walking. This map may help you.

In São Miguel do Gostoso there are motorcycle taxi everywhere. For more information, call: +55 (84) 3263-4177.

São Miguel do Gostoso
Tourism in Rio Grande do Norte

São Miguel do Gostoso city code: 84.


São Miguel do Gostoso City Hall: +55 (84) 3263-4181

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