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A little over 100 km from Recife, Tamandare has the most deserted beaches in the southern coast of Pernambuco State. With 16 km of beaches, the city has extraordinary landscapes almost untouched and perfect to spend some days in sheer tranquility.

In the urban area, the district offers attractions for people who want to have an incredible trip. There are many options of accommodation and summer houses, historical constructions, seafood-based gastronomy and an incredible wealth of crafts, which you can find at the Casa do Artesao (Craftsman’s Home). The entire region is protected by a coral reef, which brings a peaceful sea in certain parts of the beach.


Praia dos Carneiros (Carneiros Beach), with its warm and crystal-clear waters and a landscape filled with coconut trees, is one of the favorite beaches by the visitors to take a dip in the sea and relax. There is also a cute church from the 18th century at the beach; it has a special place on the white sand and makes the place even prettier. The beach also has a restaurant and bar infrastructure for you to feast yourself.

With a breathtaking scenery, the Praia de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Beach) is a paradise with a calm sea. Enjoy all the peace the beach has to offer and enjoy the nature. Take a mud bath, which is supposed to be a delight for your skin.

Something else you cannot miss in Tamandare are the natural pools. A few meters from the shore, huge coral reef walls make perfect natural aquariums, where you can dive to appreciate the sea life full of colorful little fishes. One of the most recommended beaches for this kind of activity is Campas Beach.

On the almost deserted Ilha de Santo Aleixo (Santo Aleixo’s Island), you can also find majestic nature and natural pools with warm waters. Motorboats make the route to the island daily, where you can enjoy a refreshing shadow.

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Take the chance to visit other northeastern beaches near Tamandare, such as Porto de Galinhas (58,7 km), São Miguel dos Milagres (115 km) and Maragogi (172 km).

Many bus companies go to Tamandare from Recife's Bus Terminal.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
You can rent a car to reach Tamandare. See the route leaving from Recife.


Recife's International Airport is the closest to Tamandare. From there, you can take a taxi to your destination.

Personal or Rental Vehicles
The most comfortable way to get to Tamandaré is by car.

Boat/ ferry
There are travel agencies that offer boat, catamaran and motorboat rides by the main beaches in the region.

Tamandaré City Hall
Tourism in Tamandaré

Tamandare's area code is 81.


Tourism Secretariat +55 (81) 3676 - 1844

The region is very hot. Choose comfortable and cool clothes.

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