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Those who visit Rio Grande do Sul can also enjoy days of Sun and beach. The city of Torres houses the most beautiful beaches of the State and has great tourist infrastructure. The city’s name was chosen because of large rock formations on the shore, where you can go to enjoy the landscape of the city.

The beaches are the main attractions of Torres. Guarita Beach, for example, is located in the José Lutzenberger State Park, better known as Guarita State Park. With huge mountains around, is great for surfers, because the sea is rough and with many waves. On the sands, the atmosphere is quiet, with few stalls and hawkers.

A place worth visiting is Morro do Farol, which provides a beautiful view of the beaches of Torres and, in the months from August to November, it becomes a great vantage point to watch right whales, which appear in the region.

Praia Grande is a wonderful choice for a family outing. The sea is quiet and it has many sporting events and concerts happen between the months of December and February.

At Prainha, you will also enjoy the feeling of tranquility. The landscape is formed by a wide strip of grass where families stretch the cangas and take a delicious Sun bath.

Cal beach is full of summer houses around and has a great Boardwalk for those who enjoy walking or racing. It is very close to the downtown, and has several bars, restaurants, and inns.

With about of 2 km of extension, Lagoa do Violão is in downtown and very visited for the practice of water sports. It also houses a large amount of fish and small turtles.

Be sure to enjoy the downtown, which in addition to being very charming, has a cosy market and many treats to take as souvenir.

The nearest international airport is the International Airport Torres of Porto Alegre, about 186 km away.

Road (bus)
You can catch a bus at the bus station of Porto Alegre and go to Torres.

Personal or rental vehicles
From the airport of Porto Alegre, you can rent a car and go to Torres. Refer to the route.

Personal or rental vehicles
You can rent a car and get to know the sights of the city.

You can visit the town’s tourist attractions by taxi.

Torres City Hall
Tourism in Torres

The DDD (area code) for Torres is 51.


Emergency (Samu): 192

To enter Brazil, it is not mandatory to be vaccinated against any type of illness. However, it is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever (disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes) before visiting Torres. If you have never taken the vaccine, you need to take it up to 10 days before the trip (this period is not necessary if you have already been vaccinated).

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