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Alagoas is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

Palm trees are part of the landscape of the entire coast of Alagoas. They can be seen, for example, from one of the rafts with colored sails that take visitors to the natural pools of Pajuçara Beach in Maceió, capital of the State.

The pools are formed when the tide is low, between sand banks and reefs near the coast, and are so shallow that allow the observation of fish without the use of any diving equipment. The raft crossing lasts about 15 minutes.

The State is filled with beautiful blue and green beaches of warm and cozy waters, as the Praia do Francês, Maragogi, Gunga and Paripueira.

Another important attraction in Alagoas is the São Francisco River, also know as Velho Chico (Old Chico), very important economically for all localities that cross it.

The typical cuisine of Alagoas is based on seafood and one of the most traditional dishes of Alagoas is the sururu, a kind of shellfish cooked with coconut milk.

Alagoas is one of Brazil's 27 Federative Units

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