Caxias do Sul

National Grape Festival National Grape Festival

A festival in Caxias do Sul that celebrates the Italian culture, full of traditions, shows, and cuisine.

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The first Italian immigrants arrived in Southern Brazil in 1875, and brought with them their rich customs, such as the habit of celebrating the harvest of grapes and other agricultural products. At the end of the 19th century, there were so many producers throwing parties in their backyards that they decided to throw only one party. That is when the Agroindustrial Fair was born, turned into the National Grape Festival of Caxias do Sul in 1931.

The Grape Festival takes you for a kinesthetic tour through a very Brazilian Italy. In two pavilions of the Parque de Eventos, you can taste the local cuisine, watch parades and memorable shows, enjoy scenic exposures, root for beautiful women in the competition for the Queen of the festival, and feast on wines, grapes, and derivatives.

The shows, varying from hip-hop to gospel, from national artists to regional singers, entertain about 1 million people who visit the festival each year.


Do not drink and drive.

Beware of excessive alcohol consumption.

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