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Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade

One of the largest LGBT events in the world takes place in São Paulo to celebrate diversity.

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The Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade was created in 1997 and takes place every year, usually in June, to celebrate the LGBT Pride Month.

The event, which celebrates diversity and protests against prejudice, is part of Sao Paulo’s official calendar and lasts for about 8 hours in a party that courses through many important streets. The route begins at Paulista Avenue towards Consolaçao street and ends at Roosevelt Square, in the downtown area.

During the festivities, there are debates and readings, awards for respect of gender diversity and cultural fairs. There is an extensive schedule aimed at LGBT culture and the city welcomes visitors from Brazil and all over the world for the event.

In 2006, the parade gathered 2.5 million participants and made it to the Guinness World Records as the largest LGBT pride parade.


Due to the large concentration of people, cellphone reception is limited.

Always take an identification document with you.

It is best not to go alone. Make plans to go with friends and set a place to meet in case anyone gets lost.

Wear light clothes and drink plenty of water during the event.

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