The many flavors of the Mercadão

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Considered as one of the best gastronomic poles in the city of São Paulo, the Mercadão conquests every palate.

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São Paulo is a city capable of provoking various feelings. Multifaceted, modern, historical, sentimental, it is impossible not to feel a part of this at some point. With great culture, the city surrounds you from all sides, in all places and, above all, through all of your senses.

Like any great metropolis, its urban centers are filled with fine restaurants, charming cafes and typical delicacies from all parts of Brasil to satisfy a population that seeks art, fun and of course, diverse cuisine.

The many flavors of the city cannot be left out of your itinerary. Set aside a full day for one of the most delicious trips you will make in São Paulo: let's go to the Central Market.

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To visit the Municipal Market of São Paulo is always a pleasure: you will find that coffee should always be served with pieces of crystallized apricots; you will experience pieces of cheeses from all over the world; you will test your taste buds with fine wines in a relaxed atmosphere. This is how its done at the Municipal Market, surprises and combinations living harmoniously in more than 12 thousand square meters of space.

After walking through many colors, sizes and flavors, it's time to meet the flagship, the mighty, the great and the famous mortadela sandwich (or bologna sandwich). This sandwich has more than 200 grams of mortadela well sliced and placed between hot bread and melted cheese. To understand you need to prove it. Prove it.

Grab a cold beer and let's continue the tour through a world of tasty treats. How about a typical Brazilian snack to go along with it? Roasted, surrounded by a salted dough or caramelized, it doesn't matter. At the Mercadão you will find a wide variety of peanuts to go with your favorite drink. Want something different? It can be pea with wasabi and Iranian pistachios.

Want more? The Mercadão has it. With a unique flavor and complexion, you will find one of the best varieties of ham in the world. Not to mention the smoked cuts. like the pork loin. You're the type who loves cheese? If you are not a cheese lover, you will become one, and prepare to get lost among so many aromas. There are plenty: parmesan, provolone, bries and its delicious varieties.

To sweeten your life, one of the top requests is the incredible frozen yogurt tropical mix with toppings of pistachio, chocolate and dehydrated fruits: mouth-watering. If you desire something more healthy, the market has fresh fruit everywhere. There are countless vendors offering bits of sweet fruits, or even slightly sweet, that will make you sigh with every bite.

To end the day at the gastronomic paradise, that is the Municipal Market, you can't help but enjoy the cod fish pastel. The cod fish pastel is ten centimeters long, richly filled with a lot, a lot of cod fish, wrapped in a dry and crunchy dough. You won’t be able to resist it. Enjoy one, two or even three, and take the opportunity to take a few more back with you to relive the amazing day that you experienced and leave it recorded in your memory, and taste buds.

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