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Grape and Wine Region

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The Grape and Wine Region has this name due to the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine in several cities, such as Bento Gonçalves and Caxias do Sul, settled by Italians in Rio Grande do Sul.

In the region, it is possible to make thematic itineraries, to visit vineyards and wineries, to taste wine, to manufacture your own beverage and relax in spas.

But the tourist activities go beyond the name. In the region you can also visit the countryside, meeting charming places full of culture, practicing sports in Polo de Aventura Rio das Antas, historical-cultural trips through the cities, to bathe in thermal waters, purchase from jewelry to crafts, and enjoy the local cuisine.

There is also the Rota dos Trigais, which has crops of grapes. There, the Polish culture is expressed as an integral part of the formation of the gaucho people and brings with it a tourism full of traditions, religion, and adventure.

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Santa Catarina

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