I want to go to Brazil

A trip of a lifetime starts long before you board that plane. You need to prepare for it, plan every detail, choose the best routes, check out all the spots that you want to see on the map. There’s a lot to learn and prepare for if you want to dive into a new culture. Come and enjoy the amazing experience that is getting to know Brazil! We provide you with all the right tools to help you with your journey. So if you don’t want to get lost while experiencing these unforgettable moments, check out our tools. Here we have all the information to help you plan your trip, from the itinerary to the post-journey. You will also find out how you can share your experiences with your friends and bring them a little bit of the colors, sights, sounds and flavors of this amazing Brazil!

  • Visit Brasil

    Get a suntan on a beach paradise, go up to the mountains and enjoy romantic moments or experience the power of a waterfall? If you need help to create your itinerary in Brazil, there’s only one place. Check out some genuine Brazilian sights and have the time of your life!

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  • Brasil 360º

    Get ready for an interactive journey that will take to the 12 host cities of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. Check out the destinations, including local history and customs, explore their culture and fall even more in love with Brazil.

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  • Brand Channel

    If you want to learn more about Brazil, you need to go beyond. With that in mind, here you’ll find everything you’re looking for about the country, with videos to help you enjoy each little detail. These are official or amateur recordings that highlight all tourist attractions. Check out your destinations and enjoy your trip!

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  • Trip Planner

    This is the right place if you’re looking for places to stay, restaurants that serve authentic Brazilian cuisine and all other interesting things Brazil has to offer. In this partnership with Trip Advisor, you’ll find great tips from tourists who have visited the Brazil and went back home with many moments to share.

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  • Brasil Home

    Brazilians are famous for being great hosts. And nothing better to capture this element of Brazilian friendliness than a digital environment that offers music, food, movies, parties and much more, so you can have a good time and feel at home while exploring the country.

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  • Sensational Books

    Brazilian literature is vast and rich and has provided some stunning works over the years. Just like its people, just like Brazil. With virtual publishing house Sensational Books, you can access Brazil’s great literary works and learn more about Brazilian culture through a unique perspective of the country.

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I´m in Brazil

We’ve already prepared everything you need to enjoy some amazing experiences in Brazil. And to make sure that you will also have unforgettable memories and good stories to tell, we’ve created a way to guide you while you record, collect and share the best moments of your stay in Brazil. Brazil is joy, well-being, culture, nature, fun, sun, beach, night, people... Create your own Brazil experience: record, share and go back whenever you feel like.

  • Brasil experience

    Learn more about Brazil through real life experiences. Here you can register your moments with voice pictures and share your recordings with your friends on social networks. In addition, you find a guide with useful information for your stay in the country.

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  • Fellowtrip

    Create custom itineraries to the 12 World Cup host cities and share with your friends. In addition, this tool will help you plan the best itineraries with suggestions for several attractions, information on great restaurants you should check out, amazing places to enjoy the nightlife in the company of your friends and family, and much more news about what’s happening in your destination.