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Brazil from 06/Dec/2015 to 13/Dec/2015

More than 90 km of beaches

Impossible avoid falling in love with the view of the beaches in the city that are not only breathtaking, but are also perfect for surfing.

Ecotourism and Adventure

Whales Watching

From the second half of August to the first half of October enjoy the whales watching expedition. In some beaches, like Gamboa, Central and Silveira, observers stay on the ground, ensuring areas of refuge to the female and young whales, preventing the disturbance cause by vessels.


Windsurfing and Kitesurfing at the Ibiraquera Lagoon and Beach

Here winds are so good that these are among the best Brazilian beaches to practice theses sports. The Lagoon is great of slalom and kitesurfing and the Beach is perfect for windsurfing. In October you can see the best slalom and kitesurfing athletes at the Ibiraquera Wave Contest. Only a beginner? There are schools near the seafront.


Vila Beach

The only beach in Latin America to host the World Surfing Championship (WCT).


Ibirapuera Beach

This is considered one of the best beaches in the country for windsurfing. The landscape is made up of dunes, rivers, islands and lagoons.

Sun and Beach

Ferrugem Beach

Great option for surfing, with bars near the seafront, the large sand strip of Ferrugem attracts the young audience. If you are travelling withy children, you’d better stay on the right side, where the rocks form wonderful natural pools perfect for a refreshing bath after lots of sun and sea.

Sun and Beach

Silveira Beach

Enviable waves make this beach the main surfing point in the region. If you are not a surf fan, you can enjoy the natural pools formed on the rocks, ideal for fishing and diving.

Sun and Beach

Garopaba Beach

This family beach on the south coast of Santa Catarina was discovered by backpackers and surfers coming from Rio Grande do Sul in the 1970s. Today it is a point to engage in the city’s favorite sport: Hiking. Don’t miss the restaurants nearby to recharge your batteries before going on the tour.

Sun and Beach

Rosa Beach

One of the best-looking beaches in the region, with fine and white sand. You can stay at one of the charming inns and enjoy the restaurants and bars that share room with the preserved vegetation, additionally to two wonderful lagoons near the sea. If you are with children, the middle one is the most recommended.

Sun and Beach

Barra Beach

If you are a surfer, you will love the beach of dark sands, clear waters and wild waves, right besides the Ferrugem Beach. Despite the rough sea, it is also great if you are with children because of the river that crosses it, forming the Encantada Lagoon – a natural freshwater pool where children can easily have fun.

Sun and Beach

Gamboa Beach

Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, the waters of this beach are calmer and, jointly with the white-sand dunes, make it perfect for relaxing. To get there from the center of Garopaba you take a 15-minute tour on a wonderful path: valleys, dunes and rivers that take you to a blue sea.

Sun and Beach

Ouvidor Beach

Who decides to visit the Ouvidor Beach starts meeting its landscape even before getting there. Access is on a road surrounded by untouched forest and other wild natural beauties. Greenery stretches over the beach, where it meets the sea, the white dunes and lots of peace.

Sun and Beach

Siriú Beach

The Siriú Beach is part of the Serra do Tabuleiro National Park. If you love sandboarding or want to try it, you will not regret visiting this area of permanent preservation. There you will find big dunes that reach up to 40m in height.  You can rent all the required equipment at the bars nearby.


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