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Caparaó National Park Caparaó National Park

Mountaineering and beautiful sceneries await you in this adventure tour.

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One of the most important areas for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest, the Caparaó National Park is on the border between the states of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais and has as its main attraction Pico da Bandeira, 2,892m high, the third highest mountain in Brazil.

To climb up to its summit, you need to have appropriate physical conditioning, as well as supplies and clothes for the eventual cold. But there are also alternatives for those who prefer more undemanding activities such as waterfalls, natural pools and scenic overlooks, which can be accessed through easy hikes or even by car.

There are options for those who prefer camping, with opportunities of night tours and of coming across the beautiful sceneries of Serra do Caparaó. The camping areas offer bathrooms, desks, kiosks and grills. The Park is one of the most sought after by practitioners of mountaineering in Brazil and offers plenty of adventure, beauty and exciting nature.

Key information and tips

Always go in small groups and bring back the all the trash produced.

Light clothes for the cold, due to the altitudes.

Take plenty of water and supplies.

For nocturnal climbs, being accompanied by a guide is recommended.

Opening hours:
Daily, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Full price - R$ 32.

Brazilians - R$ 16.

Local community - R$ 3.

Camping - R$ 18.

More Info
Official website


Vale Verde, Parque Nacional do Caparaó – Zona Rural, Alto Caparaó, Minas Gerais

You can rent a car and go to the district of Pedra Menina, where the entranceway to the Park is. Refer to the path leaving from Vitória and from Dores do Rio Preto. Learn more.

From the Bus Stop of Vitória, you should take the bus to the municipality of Cachoeiro do Itapemirim and, from there, go to the district of Pedra Menina, where the entranceway to the Park is. Learn more.

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